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Marconi TF114

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Front view [34K]

  • Very late 50's or early 60's
  • Covers 10Kc/s to 72Mc/s in no fewer than 12 ranges ranges
  • 6 valves and maybe a couple of trannies.
NOTES Picture of screened valve screen (!) [7K]Yet another Marconi signal generator - for crying out load, just how many different once did they make ?

Still, they're all very well built and this one is no exception. All of the tuning components are mounted in their own seperate screened box - the box accounts for most of the volume of the unit. Valves mount onto the outside of the box and they too are well screened, not just by a metal shell but a metal shell with an additional knitted screen within.
SERVICE DATA Came with a photocopy of the manual, which will be scanned in due course.
CURRENT STATE Basically woking ; a lot of caps have been replaced and look like they've been done in the not too distant past - and neatly too. The big shame though is that the output attenuator section has been removed :-(
WHERE FOUND A donation from Chris.

Chassis view [30K]
The insides are dominated by a huge black box that contains the
passive components that are used in the tuned circuits. This level of
screening is essential when trying to maintain high levels of stability.

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