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Front View [23K]

  • Circa 1960 ?
  • Covers 20Hz to 200KHz in four ranges
  • 10 valves (EF95×4, 6AQ5×2, 12AU7,
    6CD6G, 5Z4G plus voltage regulator 5651)
NOTES Another piece of top quality kit from Marconi. It is however very difficult to determine it's release date as all Marconi equipment used very similar styling throughout the 50's and 60's. An identical looking instrument to this one - the TF1102 - is featured in a 1956 advertisment so one would logically assume this instrument is earlier. However, some of the electrolytics, which look like they are the original ones, are dated July 1965 by which you would have thought some blasted tr*ns*st*rs would have sneaked their way in.

Tuning capacitors [17K]Cheaper audio frequency generators tend to utilise variable resistors to alter the frequency of oscillation. This allows comparatively large fixed capacitors and lower impeadance resistances to be used. However this kit uses a variable capactor ; such capacitors are seldom available in much more than 500pF capacity so large value resistors are necessary (~15MOhm for 20Hz). The advantage is far superior temperature stability and repeatability, but the flip side is the circuitry is very sensitive to stray capacitances and coupling to other circuitry. For this reason the tuning components are held in a screened box.
CURRENT STATE Immaculate inside and out.
WHERE FOUND A Donation from Dave.

Chassis view #1 [19K]EF95 ValveEF95 ValveEF95 ValveChassis view #2 [14K]6CD6 Valve5Z4G ValveScreened box housing tuning components5651EF95 Valve12AU7 ValveTwo 6AQ5 valvesMains Transformer

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