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Front view [37K]

  • Circa 1963/4
  • Some valves - but a shed load of tr*ns*st*rs :-(
    couldn't be arsed to count.
  • Dual Trace
  • Green screen C.R.T.
  • Bandwidth probably of the order of 30MHz
  • Power consumption : 500W !

This model 547 is probably the replacement for the model 545. It looks like it uses the same y-amp plugins as the 545 series and has similar timebase arrangements, however the 102 valves of the model 545 has been whittled down to a couple of dozen all thanks to those new-fangled transistor thingies :-(

There are however still a good few valves, including the odd big 'un - is this the most over-the-top valve retaining assembly ever ?

SERVICE DATA I've been loaned a copy of a manual. It's a Tektronix manual, therefor its as thick as a telephone directory and is going to take a while to scan. The manual is dated 1964.
CURRENT STATE 'Scope fitted with optional viewing hood [12K]Working state unknown - not yet up to lifting the monster up the stairs to the lab. But it's all there, looks in good order and even came with the optional rubber viewing hood.
WHERE FOUND Another generous donation from "Dave".

View of left hand side [32K]
View of right hand side [39K]
As with all Tektronix kit, the quality of construction is second to none.

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