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R.M.Electric Ltd. (Frome, Somerset?) [1939]
R.M.Electric Ltd., Majestic Works, Second Avenue, Team Valley, Gateshead 11 [1947]

There is a single reference to the company having produced a television before the war, the Rogers Majestic Model 11/99T. The following comes from Wireless World magazine, 23rd February 1939, page 186 :-

Pre-war magazine TV reference [7K]

Some time after the war they used the brand name "Strad". In 1956 they were aquired by Masteradio, who subsequently used the "Strad" name on at least one television. Apparently there is a single reference to a Strad RMT717 television in Wireless & Electrical Trader magazine for June 8th 1957's (though I have not seen this). It appears to have used a very similar chassis to the TG7T (Radio TV Servicing book, vol.6, 1957-1958).

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