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Seymour (Arbroath) Ltd., West Mill Wynd, Arbroath, Angus

Seymour appear to have been formed immediatly after World War Two and made an attempt to enter the TV market in 1949 at time when they had just relocated from Manchester to Angus in Scotland. It is not clear if their one and only television made it into production and the company went into liquidation in May the following year.

In around January 1952 the Seymour name was aquired by Fife Radio and Television.

Many small manufacturers popped up around this time with many of them utilising a standard Plessey chassis, however it appears Seymour designed and produced their own television chassis.

Picture of console model [5K]

1949 ? C + Shutters 12" 21 1ch
L or B
French tambour shutters pull down over the front of the screen.
£87-12-0 £x-x-x

In addition, seperate radio and gramaphone cabinets were produced that could be placed either side of the set much like the then current RGD television range.

I am indepted to Ian Wright for some of the information about this company, which he is researching. He would be interested if you have any further information about the company, if you have then please contact me via the contact page.

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