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Scophony Ltd., Thornwood Lodge, Campden Hill, London N.W.8

Scophony Limited was formed in order to exploit the patents of G W Walton which related to the optics of mechanical television. At the end of 1932, Scophony obtained investment from Ferranti, but after 18 months Ferranti lost interest having decided that Scophony were going nowhere - they were still playing with 30-line systems when 120, 180 and 240 line systems were beginning to appear.

Unknown Ekco-Scophony Model. Click for larger view [42K]
Th Scophony "Home Reciever" produced a 14½x10½" picture and was shown at the 1936 Radio Exhibition. It is unlikely
that it ever entered production.

But just as Ferranti pulled out, the "Jeffree Cell"supersonic light control emerged , an invention that seemed to persuade Ekco to invest in the company.

An Ekco-Scophony receiver was shown at the 1936 radio show, which although probably never entered production it was enough to demonstrate the performance of their system. It produced a relatively bright picture - clearly superior to the 10x8 picture obtained from the early 12-inch CRT's. Scophony went on to produce large picture televisions for use in both homes and in clubs / cinemas.

Although the remaining sets shown on this page all pre-World War II I believe they continued manufacturing sets certainly in the late 1940's but I've yet to locate any further information.

Picture of Home Receiver [5K] Picture of 18-inch model [18K]
1936 Model "Home Receiver" "18 Inch"
1938 "Junior Public Viewing Projector"   6ft x 5ft
1938 "Home Receiver" C 24"x12"?
1939? "The 18-inch" C 18"x14½"        
1939?     24"x?     Appearance similar to the "18 inch" model ?  
1939? "Palace De-Luxe" C 4ft x 3¼ft
Click for larger view [64K] Click for larger view [82K]
Pre-war Advert
Link to larger view [64K]
Advert from August 1939
Link to larger view [82K]

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