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Romac Radio Corporation Ltd., The Hyde, Hendon, London N.W.9

Picture of table model [7K]Picture of cocktail cabinet model [6K]

Romac had produced a few radios before expanding into the television market in 1949. An unusual feature of the console is an additional section at the side for used as a cocktail cabinet, though to my mind it looks like someone tacked half a wardrobe on the side of mediocre television cabinet.

They were probably a bit too ambitious for a small company as when they launched thier first television they also produced a 12-channel set for the American market¹. This was not a good idea for a small company that, it is claimed², was poorly managed and working with insufficiantly skilled workforce ; Romac finally went into receivership in 1951.

May49 ?179? T 10"   S/Het (L/B)    
(Aug50) 179 Table 12"   1ch, either London or Birmingham ('L' and 'B' suffixes) using plug-in coils. AC mains
£68-11-6 £56-0-0
(Aug50) Cocktail console
£81-18-0 £66-17-6
(Aug50) 180 (Fringe versions of the model 179 with additional RF amplifier)
~Sep50 189 Table 12" Al. S/Het 1ch, either London or Birmingham ('L' and 'B' suffixes) using plug-in coils. AC mains
£68-11-6 £56-0-0
~Sep50 189 Console
£73-9-6 £60-0-0
~Sep50 189C Cocktail console
£81-18-0 £66-17-6
~Sep50 190 Fringe versions of the 180-range. Fitted with additional pre-amplifier
£61-0-6 £58-0-0
~Sep50 190
£77-14-0 £63-9-0
~Sep50 190C
£84-6-10 £68-17-6

Note : Some conflict exists between the model numbers.

Click for larger view [82K] Click for larger view [59K]
Advert from August 1950
Link to larger view [82K]
Advert from December 1950
Link to larger view [59K]

Notes : 1. From Wireless & Electrical Trader, 14th May 1949 and Wireless World, June 1949.
  2. From 'The Setmakers' by Keith Geddes and Gordon Bussey.
  3. Trader service sheet 1219 (Oct. 55) lists no other models.

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