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Front view [21K] MW31-16 CRTAdditional Cyldon Band I/III TunerVolume/On/Off + Briteness Controls

  • Circa 1965/6
  • Dual Standard
  • 10" Screen (Mazda CME1101).
  • 14 Mazda valves
  • AC-only mains
  • Original cost unknown

An odd set, aimed at the second set market, the logo on the front of the set reading "Personal FERGUSON".

There has been no attempt to minimise the size of the set, the internals being based on the Thorn 900 series chassis that normally saw duty driving 19" and 23" C.R.T.'s and had first seen the light of day in 1964. The chassis, which is basically a single large PCB, is still an all valve design in as much there are no tr*ns*st*rs, though mains rectification utilises a semiconductor diode.

You often here remarks on how an old 405 line set might be converted to 625 line operation. Well, if you want an idea of just how involved this would be, consider that the slide switch that switches this set between 405 and 625 line operation occupies almost the complete width of the set!

This set has an additional small circuit board attached just above the chassis (just to the left of the neck of the CRT) which is for flywheel sync circuit intended to be fitted to sets for use in difficult reception areas.

SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the "Trader" service sheets 1671 & 1673 for the Thorn 900 serise on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM.
CURRENT STATE Basically sound, though very dirty and missing some of the front controls. Some of the gold trim is loose ... exactly like the photo in the book Historic Televisions and Video Recorders. Although very dusty, the chassis looks like it had an easy life, so if some control knobs can be found this ought to make a very nice little set.
WHERE FOUND From that antique shop I've knicknamed Watery Skip, since this is where a lot of stuff tends to end up. Cost me £15 to rescue it.

Recently sold to "Phil" who was after one.

Rear view [36K]VHF TunerUHF TinerOptional flywheel sync pcbComponent layout : Click here for larger view [105K]
Note the optional flywheel synch PCB just right of center.
Follow this link for closeup of layout diagram [105K].

Wiring colour code [8K]Cyldon Band I/III ConvertorLine Output TransformerHT Dropping ResistorAudio Output Transformer
Although neatly tucked away, there are a lot of wires
flying about. Nice of them to colour code them though !

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