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Centos 6.5 / VMWare Image Duplication “bug”

Sometimes, after taking a copy of a VMware Centos 6.5 image, I lost the network connectivity. Totally gone ! Sometimes it would work initially, but come the next day after restarting it the network was gone … for good ! VMWare player showed the network as being connected, Centos however saw no trace of it. The fix turned out to be simple – but didn’t half take some finding!

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Making a VMWare Lubuntu 14.04 Image with Tools

Well, it all started when I wanted – no, needed – to install Adblock Plus in Chrome on my old Lubuntu 11 virtual machine. Ah, Adblock won’t install on a Chrome that old. Ah, Chrome won’t upgrade on an OS that old ! Oh well, time to try the latest Lubuntu 14.04. No VMWare image was available and I need VMTools so as to move data twixt Lubuntu and the Windows Host. [Cracks knuckles] OK, time to get busy and make a new image.

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