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Bulk Image Resize in MS Word 2016

Steps Recorder is built in to Windows and is excelent for recording clicks when perfoming tasks on a PC. Saves the results to an .mht file too. Great … except … 300 images, 1366×2000-and-something plus 48MB causes an issue if you try opening in a browser. “OK, I’ll open it in Word”. Well, yeeessss … except …

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Notepad++ User Defined Languages

For editing regular text I do like Notepad++, a text editor with colour syntax highlighting for many different programming languages built in – and a lot of other languages for which people have written User Defined Language (UDL) plugins. Neat … only … when I came to try to make one I found little documentation and what there was was fractured, distributed and dammit just incomplete (incomplete = Can’t find even a snifter via Google in an hour). Indeed, in the UDL dialog of the latest notepad++ (Aug 2015) is a link to a temporary documentation site – which ceased in 2012 with a message “New, improved documentation site will replace this one in near future.”

So [cracks knuckles] lets try and work it out.

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LibreOffice Tips

At work I use Microsoft Word. At home, its LibreOffice which has mostly different uses and means I often forget how to do some of the things in LibreOffice that I do without thinking in Microsoft Word. So I thought I’d capture a few of them here, mainly for my benefit but I guess others may find useful.

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Dynamically Loading Unmanaged DLLs And Linking Using Reflection


My word, what a nerd-geek title ! But what does it mean ? Well, I wanted to load an unmanaged DLL in my C# project and link to its functions at runtime. Thing is, there are a 100+ functions to be linked to and life’s too short to type in the code to link each one in turn – to say nothing of error prone! So, lets see if reflection can come to the rescue.

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On-line Code Formatting For Blogs – A Review

This is primarily a programming blog so I’m going to be posting code snippets. Of course I want those snippets to be presented nice and pretty like. After the on-line site I used for doing this formatting seemed to disappear I thought I’d better have a scoot-around for a replacement.

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