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Bad Web Design Practices #1

… Or How To Save A Fortune On Website Development.

There seems to be a new craze among website designs that really seems to have kicked in over the last 12 months. If you too choose to do this on your website then here is a tip that will save you a lot of time and money.

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It’s !important

Funny how after years of playing with CSS I hadn’t come across the !important  attribute. To be honest that was probably a Good Thing and should as a rule be treated just like ‘C’s “goto” statement – just don’t do it, there’s always a better way.

The !important  attribute will, I guess, be read by most programmers as “NOT important”, but this being CSS actually means it IS important and can be used to force a CSS rule to take precedence regardless of the structure of the CSS. Lets use an example:

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When should I write a property?

From the blog “Fabulous adventures in coding“:

One of the questions I’m asked frequently regarding design of C# classes is “should this be a property or a method?” Here are my guidelines:

It was one of those articles [link to article] lingering in an unread Codeproject newsletter I hadn’t gotten around to reading (shame on me) and was about to delete whilst tidying my inbox but one of those rare blog entries I read in its entirety – Including comments.

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Making a VMWare Lubuntu 14.04 Image with Tools

Well, it all started when I wanted – no, needed – to install Adblock Plus in Chrome on my old Lubuntu 11 virtual machine. Ah, Adblock won’t install on a Chrome that old. Ah, Chrome won’t upgrade on an OS that old ! Oh well, time to try the latest Lubuntu 14.04. No VMWare image was available and I need VMTools so as to move data twixt Lubuntu and the Windows Host. [Cracks knuckles] OK, time to get busy and make a new image.

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