1 Introduction

In 1947 the author published a short article an the "Synchrodyne" radio receiver. As this application was only a by-product of other work, no attempt was made to elaborate the article before publication. However, in view of the interest it evoked, further articles were published, and interest spread to many other countries, numerous articles being published by British and foreign authors, some based entirely on the original ones, but some containing new work. For the most part the Synchrodyne was attributed to the present author, although it can he seen from the published items of correspondence that there was some criticism and several claims of anticipation.

When the first articles were published, the author was aware of the Homodyne system only from the one paper published by Colebrook in 1924, and Colebrook's system was certainly not the same as the synchrodyne. The author therefore felt fully justified in coining the new name "Synchrodync" and applying for patent. Even now, after reasonably full searches have been made, only a few other articles have come to light. But these articles, together with many patent specifications cited by the Patent Office and by several correspondents, make it perfectly clear that there had been a development of ideas under the "generic" title of Homodyne which had culminated in a system absolutely the same as that which was published under the name Synchrodyne. The synchrodyne, therefore, cannot be regarded as the invention of the present author.

In view of the facts set out above, it seems very desirable that the full history of the homodyne should now he published. The account which follows should be reasonably complete, although it cannot be claimed with certainty that all published and patent information has been obtained.

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