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Town and Country

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Front view [36K]

  • Released January 1963
  • L.W., M.W. and S.W. wavebands
  • 7 Tr*ns*st*rs (three AF117, OC71,
    OC81D and two OC81)
  • Thumping great 9V battery.
  • Original cost £19 19s (you could have
    bought a decent valve radio for that!)

Output stage schematic [7k] This is the second of three sets in a range to bear the "Town and Country" name. The first (the PR32) had a trawler band in place of the shortwave band whilst the last (PR74) lost long wave and gained a second shortwave band (presumably this was an export model).

The output stage is a bit naff ; instead of connecting the speaker to a secondary winding of the output transformer it is instead connected directly to the collector of one of the output transistor pairs. Must have save, oh, a couple of old pence on the transformer design at the cost of sound quality. Or perhaps it saved a few more pence in not having to bother using matched output transistors ? Whatever, naff !

Perdio Lion Logo [4K]Perdio's lion logo looks less like a roaring angry lion and more like a worried looking lion waving goodbye, as well it might as within a few years Perdio were to become a mere badge stuck on to some horrid Hong Kong tat before dissapearing for ever. The start of the decline of the British radio industry.

SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the RER service sheet R190 on CD#3.
CURRENT STATE A bit tired. The back is slightly warped in places and the aerial is broken. The original battery connector has been replaced with one suitable for the smaller PP9 battery. However, despite there being three of the often troublesome AF117 transistors the set does works.

Incidently, the speaker grill is actally silver coloured .. please someone tell this to my poxy digital camera.
WHERE FOUND A donation from the boss which helps explain its condition ... it's had to work hard for a living ! :-)

Interior view [27K]

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