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Front View [30K]

  • Circa early 60's ?
  • LW + MW Waveband(s) .
  • Transistors
  • Two-off 9V batteries.
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Blah blah blah transistor blah blah swivel-base blah blah girl's handbag blah blah blah socket for car aerial blah blah blah suprisingly well built.
SERVICE DATA Nope, but working on it.
CURRENT STATE Let me see now. A pile of AF117's _and_ a shed load of Hunt's capacitors. Must be a given that it stands no chance of working.

However, first problem was the two-pole on/off switch where the -ve supply switch was non-operational. Dismantling the switch and carefully re-adjusting the spring contacts, plus the odd dab of switch cleaner normally helps here, although eventually smacking it with the handle end of a screwdriver whilst swearing profusely seemed to b a far more environmentally friendly (if temporary) solution in this case.

Set was still dead, but tapping each AF117 in turn finally restored sound when T3 (final IF) was tapped. For such an old transistor set it does have a quite adequately not too bad really sound and the set seems quite sensitive.

The cabinet is sound - there are no nasty splits in the vinyl covering and all the bits are there, though the brass speaker grill is very tarnished. All very restorable.
WHERE FOUND The Watery Skip antique shop for £4.50. The batteries cost more !

Interior view [35K]Semi-duff AF117
Spot the deliberate reassembly mistake.

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